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Course Descriptions


Open January 29 – February 11


Log onto Student RenWeb and:

  • Review your transcript
  • Compare it with LCHS 4 year plan
  • If you have any CP’s/Failures make note of those

If you are in an ESP program, choose the courses needed for your program. Talk to your faculty advisor for that program to make sure you’re choosing correctly.

Remember Computer Applications/Economics are graduation requirements.

Honors and AP course enrollment is by faculty recommendation. Each department uses a variety of criteria to make those recommendations: grades, work ethic and test scores are some examples. If you know that you’re interested in taking an HR/AP course next year, be sure that you have talked with your teacher about it too.

When choosing your courses, keep in mind that your primary goal is to make the best grades possible in the courses you select-A’s/B’s-colleges care more about your grades and would rather see better grades than HR/AP courses with C’s/D’s.

Advising begins the week of February 11th All students will be seen by their grade level counselor.