Math Free Resource Information for Basic Skills Practice

This is to assure you of our commitment to helping your son/daughter be successful in math for all four years at LCHS. Algebra skills are critical for this success. We use bell ringers in all our math classes. These problems contain Geometry and Algebra problems to help our students practice these skills regularly. However, students still need additional practice to keep these skills sharp. We would like to share with you a resource which will benefit students with extra individual algebra practice.

Khan academy is a free online resource that provides video examples and practice for many content areas. The Algebra basics mission covers the content which Algebra I students need to have retained in order to be successful in higher levels of math. Students work at their own pace and concentrate their efforts in those areas of algebra in which they need review.

To access this resource, go to Students may use an existing account or create a new account. After logging into Khan Academy, go to the COACHES tab. Then add code VMZREQ.

Students are now connected to the Algebra Basics Mission. When the mission is started, students take a short assessment. Students then work their way through the videos and practice problems. Please be aware, this is not a weekend task but should be used as a regular resource over the year to reinforce algebra skills.
If students need additional practice problems or assistance, they should contact their LCHS math teacher. Questions about the use of Khan Academy can be sent to Mrs. Theresa Brown at

Thank you for your attention to this important skill practice to help your student prepare for the next level of math at LCHS.