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High Marks Program
We strive to meet the diverse learning needs of typical learners, as well as those with learning differences through enriched and individualized academic support. All students utilizing the High Marks Program will be enrolled in typical graduation requirements.
Exemplar Scholars Programs
This program is designed to take our most talented students in Math, Science, and Technology, the Liberal Arts, as well as the Fine Arts, and expose them to research and mentorship opportunities, artistic collaboration, and audience exposure. These programs include a highly selective admissions process, increased academic rigor, job-embedded mentorships, research opportunities, and a senior project.
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
Lexington Catholic has made a significant commitment to STEM over the last decade with the addition of the Exemplar Scholars Program for Math, Science and Technology, Project Lead The Way (PLTW), and rigorous science and math curriculum. PLTW is the leader in providing STEM curriculum to over 2.4 million K-12 students. The strength of Lexington Catholic’s STEM program is our outstanding math and science departments. In addition to College Preparatory, Honors and Advanced Placement courses in math and science, students have the opportunity to take PLTW Introduction to Engineering and Design and Dual Credit aerospace courses. Students who intend to pursue STEM majors in college are advised to complete as many science electives, as possible.
Pathways of Emphasis  -  Air & Space, Business, and Engineering

Lexington Catholic High School provides a curriculum that educates the mind, spirit, and body of all students who chose a Catholic college preparatory education. The Pathways of Emphasis (POE) allow students to identify and explore areas they are passionate about or in which they have an interest. Within an area of interest, POE courses are traditionally recognized by colleges and universities that would aid students who decide to major in those interest areas.
POEs are not designed to constrain students to a single selection of courses. The program allows students to continue to develop skills in concentration while following a normal course of rigorous studies. These courses enable the student to explore their interest in those areas and ultimately design a path that aligns with their future post-secondary goals and career interests.
Students are not constrained to a set of single POE’s requirements during this process of self-discovery. Individualizing a POE course of studies is possible through a student’s four years at LCHS. Students who complete a POE will be recognized at their graduation, and their transcript will indicate completion of the Pathways of Emphasis.