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Lexington Catholic Brand Style Guide

The Brand Style Guide outlines how to communicate the Lexington Catholic High School (LCHS) brand. A unified and coordinated brand is crucial to LCHS’ effort to present itself as an institution based in unity and professionalism. Consistency is the most important factor to the public getting a strong sense of LCHS’ brand. Elements cannot be modified electronically or by hand, nor can they be distorted, enclosed in shapes or combined with other logos.


Communications and Marketing brand and style is important to create a coordinated and uniform presentation to those outside the Lexington Catholic High School (LCHS) community. The Communications and Marketing office requires all LCHS affiliated marketing and communications efforts/material for the public, henceforth referred to as communications and marketing campaign(s) (CMC), be submitted for review and approval from the LCHS Communications and Marketing Office before the CMC is finalized/published. LCHS affiliated CMCs include but are not limited to: fliers, social media posts, social media accounts, infographics, and any item relating to fundraising, etc. All LCHS CMCs must follow the LCHS Style Guide, adhering to the correct usage of approved official LCHS fonts, logos, colors, etc. No social media account, person, or CMC may speak on behalf of LCHS. Only authorized individuals of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington and Lexington Catholic High School may speak on behalf of LCHS.


Please contact the Communications and Marketing Office for downloadable official logos, (859) 277-7183.