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About our Program

Mission & Purpose
The High Marks Program serves as an integral part of the educational mission of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington and Lexington Catholic High School to support academic success. High Marks is designed to assist all students who exhibit the potential to complete a college preparatory curriculum as outlined in the graduation requirements for Lexington Catholic High School.

The High Marks Center strives to meet the diverse learning needs of typical learners, as well as those with learning differences through enriched and individualized academic support. All students utilizing The High Marks Program will be enrolled in typical graduation requirements.

Learning with the High Marks Program
The High Marks Program provides support for students with learning differences and disabilities such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and other conditions which can impact learning. Our goal is to have students graduate with an understanding of their own learning needs and the self-advocacy skills needed to enter a post-secondary education with confidence.

The High Marks Center also serves as a space for small group instruction and accommodation for qualified students. Teachers assist students with establishing positive, beneficial peer and faculty mentoring relationships in subject specific areas as well as providing instruction in study skills and self-advocacy.

This is a free, in-school tutoring option available to all students during their flex periods. The tutoring rooms are staffed by faculty members from a variety of disciplines.

Students may voluntarily attend or may be referred to tutoring by a parent, teacher or guidance counselor. The High Marks tutoring program benefits hundreds of students across the entire spectrum of academic abilities.

After School
The High Marks Center is staffed with faculty members after school until 4:30 pm Monday-Thursday. This is an excellent option, available to all students, for completing homework in a group or individual setting, with the advantage of teacher assistance.
Program Highlights

• 100% of LCHS student body visited The High Marks Center in the 2017-2018 school year.

• Approximately 80 additional students utilize quiet and silent study rooms each day.

• Total Hours clocked in the High Marks Center in 2017-2018 school year: 24,471

The High Marks Program emphasizes that…
• We prioritize for each student. “Thrive, don’t merely survive!”
• We aim to destigmatize the need for help across all academic levels.
• We weave equity and inclusion into the fabric of daily school life.

Regarding Learning Differences, High Marks helps LCHS to…
• Assist students with Learning Differences in completing the graduation requirements of LCHS.
• Provide a typical student experience with extra support and individualized learning enhancement as needed.
• Prepare students with learning differences and their families for greater independence in the college setting.
• Build a better future by creating strong self-advocates.
• Further realize the mission of Lexington Catholic High School in providing a Catholic education to all who seek it.