International Student Program

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington and Lexington Catholic High School welcomes international students to apply for admissions. For many years, Lexington Catholic has had wonderful experiences with international students who have enrolled for multiple years to earn a Lexington Catholic diploma or just enrolled for a year to learn about the United States and have experience in a new culture.


An International student who wishes to apply for admission at Lexington Catholic High School must complete the following steps and provide the following documentation for consideration of acceptance:

  1. Complete an Online Application for Admission (OA):
  2. Submit transcripts for all current and previous high school grades, or for the last three years if applying for 9th grade. Transcripts should be in both native language and English.  Both copies must be provided.
  3. Submit a recent Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a comparable test that proves English proficiency.
  4. Schedule a virtual interview with the LCHS Office of Admissions.
  5. Provide an official letter from the bank with proof of funds for the tuition and fees. Contact the Office of Admissions for International Student tuition and fees.
  6. Provide a copy of passport and past visa(s).
  7. Student applying for admission may require placement testing as determined by the Admissions Committee.
  8. Provide the name and address of residency while studying in the United States.
  9. Provide the name and contact information for legal guardian while studying in the United States.
  10. Submit preliminary Form I-20 and supporting documents.

*A family moving together to Lexington from outside the U.S.A. should contact the Office of Admissions to discuss the domestic admission and enrollment process.


Once an international student has been accepted for admission:

  1. Complete the Online Enrollment (OE) contract and pay the required tuition and fees for Lexington Catholic High School. An email with instructions on how to access the OE contract will be sent to the enrollment responsible party. Lexington Catholic High School will also provide instructions on how to pay the tuition and fees. 
  2. Apply for homestay accommodations with International Student Placements (ISP). Email [email protected] for an application and information.
  3. Make an appointment for an interview with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to present the SEVIS Form 1-20 prepared by Lexington Catholic High School.
  4. Prior to the first day of school, the international student must report to the Lexington Catholic Office of Admissions with a passport, visa, and Form I-20.

International Student Placements (ISP)



Lexington Catholic High School and other schools within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington are granted the authority to admit and host international students through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Student Exchange and Visitors Program (SEVP). Once the students arrive and begin school, the admissions office will monitor the students' progress and travel to-and-from the U.S. through the Student and Exchange Visitors Information System (SEVIS).


Tuition and Fees

  1. $500 application fee due with application payable to International Student Placements (ISP).
  2. $17,000 for 10-month homestay placement through International Student Placements (ISP), payable to ISP.
  3. Contact the LCHS Admissions Office, [email protected], for school tuition and fees, which are payable directly to Lexington Catholic High School.