Hall of Fame

Our next Hall of Fame is scheduled for Fall of 2022. 
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The Hall of Fame Class of 2019 was inducted on Friday, October 25. This is an outstanding class with James G. Amato ’49 (former Lexington Mayor), Peter Barr ’99 (tennis standout), Brigid L. Devries ’67 (first female commissioner of the KHSAA), Deacon John E. Hinkel, Jr. ’73 (former Board of Trustee’s Chair and member) Daniel F. Kennedy ’63 (founder of the Sarasota Military Academy), Dr. Edward and Marilyn Todd (continued valuable LCHS support for 30 years) and Greg Todd (LCHS Girls Basketball Coach with 3 state championships and 2 runners-up titles). The accomplishments next to their names above are just a few of the many accomplishments and awards they have received. They are role models in the community and set a high standard for others to follow.

They were introduced at our luncheon and gave speeches, which we wish everyone could have heard. The main word that stood out from all of them was, “family”; their family and their LCHS family. We are blessed to be part of such a warm, supportive community that embraces everyone and gives our students the foundation of mind, spirit, and body needed to succeed in all their future endeavors.

Congratulations to our Class of 2019 inductees!

Hall of Fame Members 

1996 Inaugural Inductees
George Abraham ‘49
Anthony Amato ‘49
Andy Anderson
Ella Pat DeBoor Bausch ‘46
James Bryant ‘46
Harold Buchignani ‘48
J. Donald Daugherty ‘49
Ben Elkin ‘48
Adolph Friedman ‘47
James Glass ‘48
James Grant ‘47
Patricia Hall Grugin ‘47
William Hagan ‘47
Ronald Hall ‘59
Joan Rehm Hoover ‘46
John Jeter ‘46
James Kearney ‘48
Mary Ann McQuaid Kearney’47
Bob Ketron
Bill Matlack ’46
Bob Mitchell ‘48
Joe Mitchell ‘48
Herb Petit ‘47
Lynn Jordan Rees ‘48
Joe Schwendeman ‘48
Bill Sheehy ‘47
Charles Thornton ‘46
Dick Trefz
Jack Tucker ‘46
Charlotte Horstman Weidlich ‘46

1999 Inductees
Susan Bishop Mastin ‘72
Terry Burry Weber ‘71
Jenny Kress ‘71
Josie Gerton-Williams ‘71
Mark Roche ’70
Bobby Jobe ’68
Coach Harry Starns
Frank Kornet ’85

2002 Inductees
Louise Wagers Bieschke ’67
Danny Haney ’76
Peggy Tillman ’68
Joe E. Warren, Jr. ‘59

2005 Inductees
Matt DeBoor ‘51
Steve Keller ‘67
Karl H. Stoerzer ‘71
Yvonne Wilson ’92

2008 Inductees
Tricia Crowe ‘94
Coach Bob Sphire

2010 Inductees
Mary "Mrs. A" Augustyn
Kevin T. Bailey ’99
Collin Barber ’00
Robert J. Bueter, S.J.
Father William C. Bush ‘51
Joseph K. Ford
Robert M. Hewett ‘65
Greg Martin ‘67
Brian J. McCarty ‘87
Buddy Schneider III ’98
David P. Tramontin ‘59
Julie Elkin Young ‘77

2013 Inductees
Chee H. Chew ‘88
Alison McNulty Graham ‘99
William C. Greely ‘56
Ryan Hardy ‘93
Bill Hostetler ‘70
Tommy Huston ‘63
Martha E. Jones ‘73
Mark Michael ‘99
Ben Daniel Revere ‘07
Amy Meikel Scandrani ‘02
Mike Balko, Jr.
Wayne Porter Bell
Gene Caudill
Carl Elovitz
John W. Feltman
John W. Fernandez, Jr.
Charlie Kragel
Charles O’Roark
John W. Scott
Fred Shafer
Ernest W. Stump
Dr. Joseph W. Suetholz
2016 Inductees 
Laura Bell Bundy ‘99
Mark J. Hinkel ‘75
Thomas Morgan ‘99
Captain Matthew D. Roland, USAF ‘06
Benjamin "Bo" Schneider ‘02
Judge Joseph M. Scott, Jr. '64
Dan Thompson ‘92