What an extraordinary week it has been at Lexington Catholic High School! The excitement began with our first full Hoagie event since 2019, making it a truly special week for our community. Saturday morning was nothing short of incredible, thanks to the AMAZING KNIGHTS who dedicated their time and energy to this cause. Being a part of the Lexington Catholic community is undeniably a blessing.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who contributed to the success of Hoagies 2023. 350 volunteers helped on Saturday with over 500 helping from Prep Week to Hoagie Day! Your dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work transformed this fundraiser into a remarkable achievement for our school. It was an absolute joy collaborating with all of you! 

A big THANK YOU goes out to the volunteers who signed up, sold, purchased, and delivered hoagies. Your efforts did not go unnoticed. We appreciate those who worked tirelessly during prep week and Saturday morning. Special thanks are also due to our facilities staff for their invaluable support.

This fundraiser not only brought our community together but also served a larger purpose. Through the proceeds benefiting the uKnight Fund, we are assisting those in need by providing tuition assistance. Additionally, our outreach to the Catholic Action Center made a significant impact. The donated hoagies, nearly 5,000 in total, will be put to good use immediately and during the upcoming winter months. CAC was thrilled to receive them, and your generosity will undoubtedly make a difference in the lives of others.

We would also like to recognize the exceptional efforts of our Table Captains for Hoagies 2023:

Table 1: Faculty/Staff – Ron Kelly 2,275 (1st)

Table 2: Football – Nick Baisch 1,725

Table 3: Dance Team – Marie Henderson 1,625

Table 4: 1,950 (2nd)

Table 5: Boys Soccer – Todd Bretz 1,550

Table 6: 1,400

Table 7: Lacrosse – Matt Cervoni 1,300

Table 8: 1,175

Table 9: ESP – Meredith Mullins 1,825

Table 10: 1,550

Table 11: 1,250

Table 12: 1,775

Table 13: Student Table – Jett VanderHorst/Anna Claire Meegan 1,875 (3rd)

Table 14: Student Table – Chloe Wiseman/Anna Claire Meegan 1,525

Total Hoagies Made 22,824!!!

The grand total? An astounding 22,824 Hoagies made! I also want to congratulate our students who went above and beyond by selling over 100 Hoagies. Your efforts didn't go unnoticed, and as a token of our appreciation, cash prizes were awarded to:

Cash Prize Winners:

  • Grace Tibe
  • Meadow Goodpaster
  • Delaney Bowles

Furthermore, special recognition goes to the top sellers:

Cash Prize Winners:

  • First Place: Jackson Nalli
  • Second Place: Alden Carroll
  • Third Place: Ethan Bradford

Tied for Fourth Place:

  • Sarah Wethington
  • Daniel Perez
  • Katie Mae Meade

Once again, a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved in Hoagies 2023. Your support and dedication have made a significant impact on our school and community. If you have any questions or need further information about this Hoagie FUNdraiser, please feel free to reach out to Pam Schneider, Director of Community and Alumni Engagement, at [email protected] or 277-7183, ext. 306.