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Mark your calendars for Hoagie Day, September 30, 2023!
Prep week begins Monday, September 25, 2023.
We will need volunteers throughout the week and on Hoagie Day.
Sales begin August 2023!
Photos and article below from Hoagies 2.0, November 19, 2022

They say it takes a village… but it takes a Lexington Catholic community to come together and make Hoagies a success for our school!  This Lexington Catholic Community is filled with AMAZING KNIGHTS!  What a blessing to be a part of a tradition that began in 1977.  You were so much fun to work with and we are thankful for your time, energy, and efforts you brought to help bring Hoagies 2.0 2022 back this year.  THANK YOU to everyone that volunteered and worked on this important FUNdraiser for our school!   


  • 207 Volunteers - parents (current and past), students, faculty/staff, board members, alumni and supporters of the school were here Saturday morning!   
  • 12,975 Hoagies made at the rate of 108 per minute!   


Thank YOU for volunteering, for selling, purchasing, and delivering hoagies, thank YOU for working Saturday morning. Thank you to Principal Mathew George for beginning our morning in prayer, and additionally to our Facilities Director, Jon Loman, our Cafeteria Manager, Kathleen Noonan and Ron Kelly, teacher, and Faculty/Staff Captain.   Thank YOU for our incredible FUNdraiser that supports our students and families and our community as well.  


A special note of thanks and mention to Lundy’s and Alissa Lundergan Tibe ‘91 who prepped the products this year due to LCHS’s construction and space limitations.   And thank you to our volunteers who have been helping for almost 20 years - Doug Allen, Susie Morton ’76, Dave Tyler, Russ Fahey, Dan Calkins, and Nick Novosel.   


  • The Catholic Action Center received their donations from the LCHS community; we delivered over 2500 hoagies.  We made additional hoagies that were ham and salami and salami only sandwiches to take to CAC and they are not in the count.  They will be put to good use with the recent cold snap. 


Table Captains 2022                                                                             Hoagies Made 

Table 1:  Ron Kelly, Faculty/Staff                                                             1,175  

Table 2:                                                                                                           600 

Table 3:                                                                                                           825 

Table 4                                                                                                            900 

Table 5:                                                                                                         1,300 

Table 6:                                                                                                            975 

Table 7:                                                                                                            675 

Table 8:                                                                                                            850 

Table 9:                                                                                                          1,040   

Table 10:                                                                                                        1,065 

Table 11:                                                                                                        1,045 

Table 12:                                                                                                           925 

Table 13:  LCHS Students                                                                            1,300 

Table 14:                                                                                                            300 


THANK YOU for your support of Hoagies 2.0 2022 and Lexington Catholic High School! 


If you have any questions regarding this Hoagie FUNdraiser, please contact Pam Schneider, Director of Community and Alumni Engagement at [email protected] or 277-7183, ext. 306.