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Student Government Association (SGA)

Mission Statement
Lexington Catholic High School serves as an integral part of the mission of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington. We serve students of all faith traditions by providing a high quality, Catholic, college-preparatory education that fosters the spiritual ideals and moral values of the Gospel. In this dynamic faith community, we nurture the development of the mind, spirit, and body of our students.

The Lexington Catholic High School Student Government was created to serve as the voice and representative of the students to the administration and faculty, while upholding the mission of Lexington Catholic High School in improving in mind, spirit, and body. In 2008, the school community adopted a House System to fulfill the school’s goals of developing better people and providing a more comprehensive student experience by creating additional student leadership roles that function in ways supplemental to the Student Government. The House System develops better people by offering each student the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, and socially within one of nine smaller communities of students and faculty.

The student Council and House System have traditionally, in their separate ways, contributed to the well-being of the LCHS student body. However, the joining of these two branches of our school would strengthen their effectiveness. Therefore, in order to form a more complete and functional system of effective student leadership and governance, to streamline a more effective communication of goals, priorities and activities, and to provide better preparation for life after high school by fostering opportunities for personal growth and development, we hereby establish the unified Student Government Association.

With the creation of the SGA, we strive to promote
• a view of education as a partnership, not a service to be provided or goods to be delivered,
• a culture in which each student can develop as a virtuous leader,
• strong relationships founded upon cooperation and mutual respect,
• an active pursuit of excellence in all affairs: school spirit, fellowship, spirituality, academia, athletics, and otherwise,
all of which constitute support for our mission statement.

At Lexington Catholic, whether as individuals or as Houses, we live not only for ourselves, but to serve one another and the community in which God has placed us. All students, not only those in formal leadership positions, are called upon to lead in their communities by example.