Bus Program

Lexington Catholic High School
Scott County/Ss. Francis & John Catholic Parish Bus
BUS INFORMATION (Contract to the right)


The route and times are as follows:

AM BUS: *ST. JOHNS 6:50 am LCHS 7:30 am

PM BUS: LCHS 4:00pm *ST. JOHNS 4:40 pm

*There will be a designated area at St. Johns for pickup and drop-off which will include an adult monitor provided by St. Johns.


Inclement Weather Policy: Should Lexington Catholic High School have a delayed opening due to inclement weather, the bus schedule will be adjusted by the same delayed duration as the school’s delayed opening. Example: The school has a 1 hour delayed opening, morning bus pick-up will be delayed by 1 hour and occur at 7:50 AM instead of 6:50 AM. If Fayette County schools are closed the bus will not operate. It will be the parent’s responsibility to get students to school on those days.


Half-Day Policy: Should the calendar call for a half-day of school, the afternoon runs will commence/leave LCHS at 12:00 PM.


Exam Week Policy: During the week of exams, morning runs will remain the same but there will be only one-afternoon run which will be scheduled for a 12:00 PM departure.


Student’s responsibility while riding the bus:
  1. Follow all COVID-19 Bus Protocols as stated on the Bus Transportation Protocol Document.
  2. Obey the driver’s instructions. The driver of a school bus is in complete charge of students while they are on the bus. Complaints regarding discipline on the bus should be taken to the principal.
  3. The driver has the authority to assign seats.
  4. Students shall remain properly seated while the bus is in motion.
  5. Never extend arms, legs or head outside the bus.
  6. Refrain from talking to the driver except in an emergency.
  7. Pets and animals, other than required service animals, are not permitted on the bus at any time.
  8. No one shall tamper with any equipment or operate any part of the bus.
  9. Do not mar or deface the bus. Students caught damaging bus equipment will be subject to disciplinary action and/or restitution.
  10. There is to be no fighting or profanity on the bus or any loud disturbances.
  11. Students must not wave or shout at pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles.
  12. Do not throw objects from bus windows.
  13. Do not throw waste, paper, or objects on the floor.
  14. Eating or drinking is not permitted.
  15. The use of tobacco products or drugs is prohibited.