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2019 Band Awards

Sousa Award: Alexis Cerise

Gilmore Award: Nate Carpenter

Armstrong Jazz Award: Tanner Xavier

Semper Fidelis: Jay Rideout

Philharmonic: Morgan Rakes

Freshman of the Year: Andrew Moses

Sophomore of the Year: Jack Myers

Junior of the Year: Joey Wells 


2018 Band Awards

Sousa Award: Jon Ang

Gilmore Award: CJ Buckles & Rachel Decker

Jazz Award: Kennedy Carpenter

Semper Fidelis: Olivia Douglas & Grant Wagner

Philharmonic: Claire Bieber

Freshman of the Year: Bryant Wagner

Sophomore of the Year: Mollee Starr

Junior of the Year: Will Moore 


2017 Band Awards

Sousa Award: Sam Roller

Gilmore Award: Michael Burkholder & Conner Fry

Armstrong Jazz Award: Jacob Roberts & Parker Wells

Semper Fidelis: John Buckles

Philharmonic: Claire Bieber

Freshman of the Year: Joey Wells

Sophomore of the Year: Lauren Young

Junior of the Year: Kennedy Carpenter 

2016 Band Awards

Sousa Award: Rachel Buckles

Gilmore Award: Barret Adams & John Thesing

Armstrong Jazz Award: Aaron Coomes

Semper Fidelis: Abby Zanone

Philharmonic: Abbi King

Freshman of the Year: Alexis Cerise

Sophomore of the Year: John Henry Reynolds

Junior of the Year: Parker Wells

2015 Band Awards
Sousa Award: Robert Kederis
Gilmore Award: RJ Hijalda & Cara Hall
Armstrong Jazz Award: Shelby Shepard

Semper Fidelis: Anne Marie Coriale
Philharmonic Guild: Elle Fry
Freshman of the Year: John Ang
Sophomore of the Year: Maura Coriale
Junior of the Year: Daniela Connor

2014 Band Awards
Sousa Award: Brennan Carpenter
Gilmore Award: Sarah Doom & Sara Thesing
Armstrong Jazz Award: Connor Noonan

Semper Fidelis: Bridget Thesing
Philharmonic Guild: Nicholas Norton
Freshman of the Year: Jacob Roberts
Sophomore of the Year: Barret Adams
Junior of the Year: Robert Kederis








29 - Fall Concert
10 - Christmas Concert
22 - Jazz Band Tour
15 - KMEA Solo & Ensemble
23 - Diocesan Band concert
23 - Percussion Ensemble tour
11 - Dinner Concert