Message from Principal

Dear Lexington Catholic Community,

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate through the recent issues dealing with COVID-19. Our prayers and thoughts are with those throughout the world who have been affected by this situation.

We are monitoring the situation receiving updates from the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department and the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. We continue to follow the guidelines established by them to help ensure the wellbeing and safety of our students. As reported by the media, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department does not recommend school closures at this time. 

Effective today, at the directive of the Diocese of Lexington, we have suspended all Lexington Catholic High School sponsored events which require travel outside of Kentucky. In addition, we will not travel to any county in Kentucky, where schools are closed. 

If we must suspend in-person classroom instruction, our teachers are preparing for Virtual Day instruction. We will maintain the rigorous and challenging coursework for our students. Please remind your students to bring home their textbooks, laptops and all course material at the end of each school day. These items will be needed if we must begin Virtual Day instruction. We continue to remind students of this daily. We will make every effort to inform families in a timely manner if the need to cancel classes occur.  

We continue to clean common areas such as the cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, etc. throughout the day. Classroom desks are wiped down, and faculty and staff have been provided additional cleaning supplies to use throughout the day as well. 

A few reminders as we prepare for the end of another week:

  • Students should continue to practice proper hygiene including washing their hands frequently, covering their mouths when coughing, etc.  
  • Students that are suffering from any illness--cold, flu, etc.--are expected to remain home and symptom-free for 48 hours before returning to school.
  • Students should take textbooks, laptops, etc. home nightly.
  • In the event classes are cancelled, we will move to a Virtual Day format. All after school activities, evening events, athletic practices, and games, etc. will be suspended.

Lexington Catholic High School’s first priority is the health and wellbeing of our students. We will do everything possible to fulfill this commitment while continuing to provide quality education for our students.

Please continue to pray for our entire school community and those throughout the world. 

In His Name,

Mr. Mathew George, Ed.S.