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Middle School Girl's Basketball Coach

Middle School Girl's Basketball Coach
Lexington Catholic is seeking a head coach of women’s basketball for the middle school level. Reporting to the varsity head women’s basketball coach and Lexington catholic athletics director this coach is responsible for developing and maintaining a successful middle school basketball program for the school and community.
Follow and uphold the policies and mission statement of Lexington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Lexington. Coordinate the development and promotion of the Basketball program. Recruit within the school diocese, train, and coach the members of the basketball program. Create a safe environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students. Assess player’s skill and assign team positions. Organize and schedule practice sessions and game contests. Teach life skills and develop character. Timely and effectively communicate with the athletic director, varsity head coach, parents, players, and administrators.

Determine game strategy based on team’s capabilities. Maintain and secure all basketball equipment and uniforms. Manage court care and maintenance. Direct and supervise middle school contests.

Coordinate with Varsity Head Coach over budget and program needs. Hold a parents/guardians meeting with all student-athletes’ parents/guardians before the first official game. Model good sportsmanship behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards opposing team, fans, parents, officials, spectators, and community.
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Phone: (859) 277-7183
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