Lexington Catholic High School

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Discover LexCath

 The only high school in Fayette County to be named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
 College preparatory curriculum includes an extensive array of AP and Honors classes
 Small class sizes for optimal educational environment; average class size: 20
 Accredited by AdvancEd/Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
 Annual Tuition Assistance Program available
 Full-time chaplain and Spiritual Life Team maintain faith-based Christian values
 Yearly retreat program and community service component for all students
 Students make a yearly academic integrity pledge and elect an Honor Council
 Students of many faiths attend Lexington Catholic; 26% of students are non-Catholic
 Award-winning choral and band programs
 Annual teacher-led Study Abroad opportunities
 85% of the student body participates in at least one of 26 extracurricular activities
 More than 75% of the student body participates in at least one of 20 sports teams, athletic clubs and intramural events

Blue Ribbon School 2007
The Blue Ribbon Schools program recognizes public and private schools for academic superiority or dramatic gains in student achievement. Lexington Catholic scored in the top ten percent in the nation on the ACT standardized test making the school eligible to apply for the program, which they were then awarded. LCHS is one of only a few high schools in the state to receive this honor.

College Planning and Guidance
Lexington Catholic’s college preparatory curriculum includes 26 Honors Courses and 23 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses. LCHS does not segregate students into a specific honors program. Rather, Honors and AP classes are available to ALL qualified students. As a result, more than half the student population qualified for and enrolled in Honors and/or AP classes.
 College planning begins freshman year. Students are able to customize their course load by enrolling in their desired courses.
 No matter what academic path a student chooses, every student is challenged in their curriculum. All LCHS graduates are fully prepared for their freshman year of college.

Christian Service Program
Christian Service is an integral part of student life. Each student is required to complete 60 hours of service. Last year, seniors alone logged more than 23,846 hours. Fulfilling this responsibility directly exemplifies the mission of LCHS. 

Class of 2016 Highlights
The Class of 2016 included NINE Governor’s Scholars, TWO National Merit Finalist. NINETY-NINE percent of the graduates went directly to college.