2023/2024 Enroll - Tuition, Fees, and Tuition Assistance


If you have questions about setting up your FACTS Tuition Payment Plan, please contact Mrs. Beckie Sterlitz at [email protected]  or call 859-277-7183 ext. 242.

Questions regarding the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment (financial aid application process) should be directed to the attention of Ms. Colleen Milburn at [email protected] or call 859-277-7183 ext. 237.

FACTS provides Parent Help Live Support via phone. For assistance with Tuition Payment Plans, please call their toll-free number 866-441-4637. For assistance with financial aid applications, please call their toll-free number 866-315-9262. 

Parish Verification Process

Parish Verification is mandatory for all those seeking the Catholic-Parish Verified tuition rate. All families are responsible for having their Parish Verification Form completed by their home parish. Please click the button below to print the Parish Verification Form to be taken to your parish. Please note, if a parish denies a family’s verification, tkhe family should meet with the Pastor of that parish, not Lexington Catholic. Each parish has its own specific guidelines for verification. Parish Verification Forms must be submitted to your home parish no later than April 15, 2023.

Lexington Catholic uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment for the financial aid process. Limited funds are available for tuition assistance. Should you wish to apply for tuition assistance, please click the FACTS button below for more information and to apply. FACTpS Grant & Aid charges a onetime $40 application fee.
All Lexington Catholic families will be notified when the Tuition Assistance application opens in early February. Tuition Assistance grants do not cover the $275 Commitment Fee or other school-related expenses. The tuition assistance application window ends on April 17, 2023. Tuition Assistance must be applied for each school year and is never guaranteed year-to-year. Those seeking Tuition Assistance must apply each year, adhering to all deadlines and payment schedules. Please note, those who do not apply within the given deadlines may not be eligible to receive Tuition Assistance.

The FACTS tuition assistance application window ends on April 17, 2023.


 Applications for Lexington Catholic High School Tuition Assistance Grants must be fully submitted, including supporting tax documents, no later than April 17, 2023.




Helpful information can be found in the following video: 

“FACTS Grant & Aid – What to Expect” from FACTS on Vimeo.




Smiley-Spalding Scholarship Application
The application window for this scholarship is now closed.
Incoming Freshman for the 2023-2024 school year who scored a composite score of 88% or higher on the Future Knight Assessment AND exhibit financial need as demonstrated through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment are invited to apply for the Smiley-Spalding Scholarship.  The application deadline is April 15, 2023. Incoming Freshmen parents will receive their student's Future Knight Assessment results following Accepted Student Parent Knight on February 15, 2023.

Helpful Enrollment Terminology


1) Enrollment Responsible Party-RenWeb permits only one parent/guardian to receive and complete the online Enrollment Contract. The same person is also 100% responsible for the Commitment Fee. Again, only the parent indicated as the primary contact will receive the link.


2) Tuition and Incidentals-Tuition and Incidentals may be split between families that have requested separate FACTS accounts. Please contact the LC Business Office to assist you. 

Beckie Sterlitz, Business Office Accountant, [email protected], 859-277-7183 ext. 242.

Colleen Milburn, Business Office Controller, [email protected], 859-277-7183 ext. 237


3) Cafeteria Purchases (lunch, sides, and snacks) are billed in RenWeb (not FACTS). These charges cannot be split and must be assigned to one parent/guardian.  Please provide the name of the financially responsible parent/guardian.
Who to Contact with Questions 

New Student Enrollment

Lea Anne Box, [email protected]

Kristen Marshall, [email protected]


Returning Student Re-Enrollment

Mathilda Carter, [email protected]


Tuition Assistance
Colleen Milburn, [email protected]