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Tuition Assistance Program

The Catholic parish-verified tuition rate is granted to Catholic students whose family is a registered, participating member of a supporting parish. This rate includes both a $1,765 discount provided by Lexington Catholic High School (LCHS) off the regular tuition rate plus a $500 tuition stipend per student from the family’s parish to Lexington Catholic. The total possible reduction in tuition for each parish-verified student is $2,265.

To assist parishes in managing this process in a timely manner, they are requesting that the Parish Verification Covenant Forms be submitted to them for signing by April 15th to receive the parish-paid $500 tuition stipend. Forms submitted after April 15th may be signed by the parish indicating a family’s provisional status for one year during which they will not be eligible for the $500 parish tuition stipend. Parishes reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy for families when warranted.

Lexington Catholic will honor all signed Parish Verification Covenant Forms by providing families the $1,765 Catholic student discount. Families having their forms signed by April 15th will receive the entire parish-verified discount of $2,265. Families receiving a provisionally-signed form after April 15th will receive the $1,765 discount provided by LCHS, but will be responsible for paying the additional $500 tuition cost.

The purpose of granting provisional status is to allow a family a one-year period of time to establish themselves as an active, participating member of their parish. Once established as such, the family will be eligible for the full $2,265 parish-verified tuition rate for future school years.

Parish Verification Covenant Forms due to your local parish: April 15, 2019

Parish Verification Covenant Forms due at LCHS: May 1, 2019