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Tuition and Fees

Catholic Tuition and Fees - Parish Verified Payment in Full 12 Month - Debit
One student - $9,500.00 $9,215.00 $791.67
Two students - $19,000.00 $18,430.00 $1,583.34
Three students - $28,500.00 $27,645.00 $2,375.00
Catholic Tuition and Fees - Parish Late Verified    
One student - $10,000.00 $9,700.00 $833.34
Two students - $20,000.00 $19,400.00 $1,666.67
Three students - $30,000.00 $29,100.00 $2,500.00
Catholic Tuition and Fees - Not Verified    
One student - $11,700.00 $11,349.00 $975.00
Two students - $23,400.00 $22,698.00 $1,950.00
Three students - $35,100.00 $34,047.00 $2,925.00
Non-Catholic Tuition and Fees    
One student - $11,700.00 $11,349.00 $975.00
Two students - $23,400.00 $22,698.00 $1,950.00
Three students - $35,100.00 $34,047.00 $2,925.00
The above rates apply to domestic students only. International boarding students are invited and encouraged to LEARN MORE about Lexington Catholic High School at Amerigo Education.
Lexington Catholic offers four tuition rates. The Catholic Parish Verified rate is granted to Catholic students whose family is a registered, contributing member of a supporting parish. The Parish Verification Covenant form is due to your parish by April 15, 2018. The Catholic Tuition and Fees Parish Late Verified rate includes the $500 normally paid by their parish when the student is verified late.
FACTS will be collecting tuition and fees for the school year 2018-2019. All families will be required to set up a FACTS account to complete the enrollment process and establish their payment plan. Families will not be automatically rolled over from the previous year.
Payment in full through FACTS by June 15, 2018 will qualify for the three percent discount.
FACTS will draft the 12 month Tuition Plan on June 1, 2018 or June 15, 2018 thru May 2019.
Additional Fees may include:
-AP Test (per class) – TBD
-Graduation Fee - $210.00 Parents of seniors, please note that the $210.00 graduation fee will be billed in February 2019. This fee pays for the senior's yearbook, cap and gown, diploma and school graduation costs. It is the senior's responsibility to order the cap and gown when the representatives come to the school. Graduation announcements are not covered by the graduation fee.
Please advise the business office or registrar's office of any change of address, phone number, email address and parish. You may call 277-7183 extension, 242, 254 or 228 or email us at either lhay@lexingtoncatholic.com or jlandry@lexingtoncatholic.com or mcarter@lexingtoncatholic.com