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The Need

After several years of planning and market assessment, in 2017 Lexington Catholic leadership embarked on what we believe is not only an achievable $9 million campaign but absolutely critical for addressing the needs of our current facility. With the support of several lead donors, we have raised $5M as of the first quarter of 2020.  The next several months is an important time for all those invested in the future of our school, to become involved to ensure our success.


As the only Catholic High School, the future success of Catholic education in Central Kentucky depends on our ability to provide the necessary environment and resources for a 21st-century college preparatory school. This Campaign is designed to provide the necessary resources and environment needed to attract and attract and retain students and experienced faculty and staff who understand and value our mission.

LCHS has grown as an outstanding academic institution because of our high achieving programs and the great community of people. We must now address these needs to sustain growth in an increasingly competitive academic marketplace. 


Please join our efforts to complete this vital project for Building a Better Future at Lexington Catholic.



Expanded High Marks Center
The demand is growing to meet the diverse needs of typical learners and those with learning differences. As more students seek assistance for enriched and individualized academic support, a more functional and expanded space is necessary. More than 80% of Lexington Catholic students take advantage of the center’s offerings and it’s critical we be able to assist them in a setting that is conducive to help them be successful.

New Science Classrooms & Labs
As STEM occupations continue to grow at rapid rates, it’s imperative we equip our students with the finest, state-of-the-art science facilities. Open, flexible spaces that emphasize practical learning, up-to-date technology to facilitate real-time analysis, and improved, durable lab materials along with comprehensive, efficient storage are essential to ensure our STEM offerings are second to none.

New Student Commons Area
Enhancing the student learning experience, this area will serve as a hub where students can connect socially in a welcoming environment and effective learning space. It also will serve as a place that allows flexibility where students can gather to accomplish their studies, collectively and individually.