Congratulations to our Second Early Bird Drawing Winner,
on January 16th for $500 – Cindy Hamm! 

Congratulations to our First Early Bird Drawing Winner,
on December 19th for $500 – Ann Bretz Boone! 

The Mid-Knight Stakes KNIGHT$ KA$H SPLIT THE POT RAFFLE is an important, exciting piece to Mid-Knight Stakes.  

• LCHS - 55%; 1st Place Winner - 40%; 2nd Place Winner - 5% 
• $50 per ticket
• Drawing to be held at the conclusion of the Live Auction at Mid-Knight Stakes, February 1, 2020, at approximately 10 p.m.
• Proceeds benefit Lexington Catholic High School
• The winner is responsible for any taxes
Early Bird Drawings
Drawings held at LCHS Front Office on December 19, 2019, and January 16, 2020.
Charitable Gaming License ORG0000237 Need not be present to win
Student Incentives
  • All students who sell 2 MKS KNIGHT$ KA$H RAFFLE Tickets are eligible for an excused day from school.
  • As soon as you sell your tickets and turn the money in, you are eligible for your MKS Day Off.
  • The MKS Day Application may be picked up at the LCHS front desk from Mrs. Ryan. 
  • MKS Day Off forms must be filled out ahead of time. 
  • MKS Day Off can be used at any time except during exams.
  • The last day to take an MKS Day Off is date April 24, 2020.
  • Limit 1 MKS Day Off per student maximum.
  • Raffle tickets are available in the LCHS front office.
  • Hoagie Day Off and MKS Day Off can be used together provided the correct forms are filled out.

Additional Incentives
  • The student who sells the most tickets wins $100 cash, second place $75 and third place $50.
  • Breakfast from Chick Fil A for the winning house.
    Each student who has sold at least 1 ticket in the winning house will be participating in the breakfast in Bueter Lobby.