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This episode of Lexington Catholic's Equity and Inclusion Podcast features Stephen Dorsett (art teacher)and Tyler Dorsey (ADHD coach) speaking on ADHD and dyslexia. Brandi Larkey director of the High Marks Center explains LCHS's unique program.
Tyler Deaton Dorsey, graduate of Lexington Catholic tells her story of life with ADHD. Tyler currently works in the High Marks Center at Lexington Catholic and is an ADHD coach.
What happens when an interviewer who may have ADHD interviews someone who has ADHD? Well, let's just say that we don't get to the topic until 6 minutes into this interview! Stephen Dorsett who teaches art at Lexington Catholic recalls the struggle of having ADHD and dyslexia as a young student and offers strategies and advice for those who have these learning differences.
In an impromptu conversation with my neighbor David Castillo this summer we discuss being born in Mexico, but being raised in America and his recent stint teaching English in Mexico. Regarding issues of diversity and inclusion David says, "...we like to think of it like a 'them' and a 'us', but really it's all about us."
Broadcasting from Anaheim, CA, David Wu gives his impressions of the opening ceremonies at the NAIS People of Color Conference. He also shares reflections on the first keynote speaker Kimberle Crenshaw and her ideas on intersectionality (of race and gender in work, life and politics) as it pertains to African American women.
Social Studies teacher Lee Tegt speaks about the experience of losing his mother at the age of 14.
Teacher Sarah Payne Graham and 2017 alumna Ashley Abshear, creators of the NOBLE group talk about the experience of losing a parent.
Resource teacher Kevin Ellery sits down with David Wu to discuss the complexities of being black in America.
Sally Stevens speaks about the hurdles she faced in education which eventually led her to serving as principal at Lexington Catholic for 22 years.
Scott True, the Lady Knights basketball coach speaks of some of his struggles as a young man pursuing athletics.
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