Equity & Inclusion » Not Knowing 10/25/17

Not Knowing 10/25/17

It is getting a bit nippy as fall progresses towards winter.  I was half awake this morning as I went downstairs to look for a jacket to wear.  I couldn’t find the jacket I was looking for, but I did come across this new pullover that I had forgotten I had.

This was something that my mom had given me years ago that somehow got hung in the coat closet downstairs.  It felt a little odd putting on the new quarter zip that had sat in the closet for who knows how many years... The pullovers I normally wore were practically worn out.  Now that I have found this piece of clothing I will hang it upstairs where I can have access to it and use it more regularly.

If you were to have asked me last night, “Is there anything in the downstairs closet you would wear to school?”  I would have answered, “Absolutely not!” All I remembered that was downstairs were a few jackets and coats, none of which I could wear during instruction (outerwear is against the dress code in class).  

Questions for reflection:

  • Have you ever felt like you were overlooked, forgotten, unused or unappreciated?
  • Who are the people that are sometimes forgotten, or not given consideration?
  • What is the difference in who/what we consider and who/what God considers?

Final Thought - Over the years I have noticed that for whatever reason I prefer to address the left side of the room over the right.  I have had to work to mitigate this and other personal biases. I want to fairly consider and include all of my students.... like the pullover, which now hangs in my closet upstairs.  I will know it is there and will consider it each week when I am getting dressed for work.  Knowing and considering the people who are often overlooked is a powerful way to grow closer to God.