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Y.E.S.! LC's Youth Equity Summit 2018


(Artwork by Father Norman Fischer)


On Saturday, February 24, Lexington Catholic hosted its first ever Youth Equity Summit. About 50 students from Lexington Catholic High School, Frederick Douglass High School, Fleming County High School and the Lexington Home School community participated.


The event opened with breakfast and an icebreaker activity, then moved on to highlight four adult speakers who shared their perspective on the issues of racism (Dr. Roger Cleveland), sexism (Lori Rink), poverty (Nathan West), and homophobia (JR Zerkowski). Students then met in small groups to discuss the speakers, took part in an Equity Walk, and had the chance to share at an Open Mic. The morning ended with students working within their school groups to discuss issues and make plans for their schools. Students and adults who attended the Summit had a very positive experience.


Senior Lexington Catholic student Noah Kelder said, “I thought it was really helpful to hear different perspectives and to learn how to effect change on the total environment of our school.” Kaitlyn Mines, sophomore student a transfer student to Lexington Catholic said she really enjoyed "how open it was. No one judged. I liked being able to share with people with think the same way as I do but have different experiences."


Bella Belden, a homeschool student said, “Yesterday was so much fun! ... I went in with an open mind, but hate to say it, I was ready for them to say things I don’t believe in and fight against me. It was the complete opposite! Everyone was friendly and kind... One of the female speakers told her story and I was in awe at how she was able to share it with a bunch of teens she never met. My favorite speaker had to be the man who said ‘homophobia was a sin’... It was a great surprise at how open everyone was and I really hope Lexington Catholic will open their home again soon.”