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Parents in Partnership

What is Advancement?
Our team works behind the scenes to support the mission of Lexington Catholic. This includes our annual giving fund known as the uKnight Fund, special events like Hoagies, Mid-Knight Stakes, and Alumni Relations events such as Fall Knights Bash and the Principal’s Cup Golf Outing. Each of these carries its own significance with one ultimate goal in mind – closing “the gap” of what we charge versus what the actual cost of educating your child(ren) is. It’s an investment in helping us Build Better People!


It sounds cliché to say, “It takes a village…” but it’s the truth when running a Catholic high school. Were it not for the hundreds of generous donations and dozens upon dozens of volunteers, we would not be able to keep our doors open. These are critical components that are necessary for us to succeed.


One-Stop Fundraising – Patron Donors
We recognize our parents are asked to support a number of fundraisers each school year. As you will see HERE, we are expanding our uKnight Patron Donor opportunities to help reduce the number of solicitations… with some really nice “give-backs.” We want to encourage everyone to participate at a level that makes sense for your personal situation.


Partnering with PAC (Parent Action Corps)
This year, all families are members of the PAC. We will now be working in tandem with PAC to share information on events, volunteers and hospitality needs. This will assist communication processes and recruitment.


“All Hands on Deck”
Time is your most precious commodity. Your time also is invaluable to us. There are countless ways to get involved with our events, at whatever level you can spare. Our Hoagie event and Mid-Knight Stakes dinner auction are two great ways to get involved. You might assist as a class parent rep, or be part of our auction item procurement team. There’s something for everyone and we need you!


Thank you in advance.
Interested in volunteering? Fill out this SHORT FORM and we will be in touch!