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Hoagies and uKnight Patron Program

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This Lexington Catholic Community is filled with AMAZING KNIGHTS! You are so much fun to work with. All of you gave your time, energy, and efforts to make Hoagies 2019 an AMAZING success for our school. THANK YOU to everyone that volunteered and worked on this important FUNdraiser for our school!
The Catholic Action Center received their donations from the LCHS community; they picked up over 4,000 hoagies. They will be put to good use now and frozen for use during the long winter months.

• 434 (current and past), students, faculty/staff, board members, alumni, and supporters of the school were here Saturday morning
• 168 parents worked Prep Week
• 4 parents helped with signing up volunteers
• Total of 606 volunteers
• 38,295 Hoagies made at the rate of 205 per minute

Table - Captains - Hoagies Made
Table 1: Tonya Hickey 2490
Table 2: Football Team 2 – Everett Bracken 3115 (3rd)
Table 3: Dance Team – Lindsay Munson 2705
Table 4: Football Team – Everett Bracken 1955
Table 5: Faculty/Staff – Ron Kelly 3395 (2nd)
Table 6: PAC Table – Debbie Gilligan 2890
Table 7: Lacrosse – Dawn Jackson and Casey Tinker 2860
Table 8: Lacrosse 2 – Dawn Jackson and Casey Tinker 2845
Table 9: ESP – Christa Collins 2820
Table 10: ESP 2895
Table 11: Board of Trustees – Cindy Hamm 2355
Table 12: Darrell Douglas 3400 (1st)
Table 13: Student Table – Wilson Hourigan 2200
Table 14: Student Table – Sydney Schoff 2370
The top sales are:
$150 - Anna Schickel
$ 125 - Ethan Allen
$100 - Kaylee Jo Morgan
$75 - Lydia Gough
$50 - Laine Cole
The winners of the drawing for kids who sold over 100 are:
$150 – Matthew McFadden
$100 – Elizabeth-Herbert-Jones
$50- CJ Parker
Winning House was Spalding
If you have any questions regarding this Hoagie FUNdraiser, please contact Pam Schneider, Director of Events (Hoagie Production and Volunteers) at or 277-7183, ext. 306.
uKnight Patron Program
As material and time expenses increase each year and production volume has reached its limit, Hoagies and the uKnight Fund will partner through the uKnight Patron Program to maximize the potential of this important fundraiser.
Three easy steps to become a uKnight Patron Donor:
Please fill out the form below to make your pledge. 
Return the form to Diana Clark at
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