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Hoagie Day

Save the Date for Hoagie Day 2018 - Saturday September 22

Hoagies 2017

The 40th Hoagie Day on Saturday, September 23rd was full of the LCHS community spirit! Each and every one of you gave of your time, energy and efforts to make Hoagies 2017 our most successful to date...You are so much fun to work with. THANK YOU to everyone that volunteered to work on this important FUNdraiser for our school. Thank you Levi Monk, State Farm Insurance, for sponsoring our coffee and donuts.

• 436 parents (current and past), students, faculty/staff, board members, alumni and supporters of the school were here Saturday morning
• 163 parents worked prep week
• 44 parents helped with signing up volunteers
• Total of 643 volunteers
• 45,025 Hoagies made at the rate of 214 per minute

The Catholic Action Center received their donations from the LCHS community; they picked up over 6,000 hoagies. They will be put to good use now and frozen for use during the long winter months.

Table Captains 2017 - Hoagies Made:
Table 1: Jan Fogle 4,155 (1st)
Table 2: Jay Messenger 3,890 (3rd)
Table 3: Dance Team – Jenifer O’Bryan 3,015
Table 4: Football Team – Tara Woody 3,175
Table 5: Faculty/Staff – Ron Kelly & Lesley Farmer 3,865
Table 6: PAC Table – Ellen Kessler 3,280
Table 7: Lacrosse – Kimberly Witt 3,175
Table 8: Lacrosse 2 – Kimberly Witt 3,810
Table 9: ESP – Ann T. Bruggeman 3,915 (2nd)
Table 10: ESP – Ann T. Bruggeman 2,830
Table 11: Board of Trustees – Darren Duzyk 3,070
Table 12: Darrell Douglas 3,200
Table 13: Student Table – Elizabeth Yeager 3,645
Table 14: Student Table – Combined with Table 13.

Student Sales:
Drew Buresh - $150
Caleb Jacobs - $125
Lainey Cole - $100
Phillip Gough - $75
Hannah Allen - $50 

Homeroom Winners:
Daniel Bowling - $200
Tim Schosser - $150
Bobby Griggs - $100
Carrie Roberts - $50
Raffle winners for sales of 100 or more:
$100 – McKenna Vicini
$75 – Logan Barberie
$50 – Lance Wasik
House Winner:

BHG Gift Cards:
Brandon Salsman – First drawing
Kathleen Elliott – First drawing
Patrick Wilkinson – Second Drawing
Tim Schosser – Second Drawing


If you have any questions regarding this Hoagie FUNdraiser, please contact Pam Schneider, Director of Events (Hoagie Production and Volunteers) at pschneider@lexingtoncatholic.com or 277-7183, ext. 306.
Student Information
Pending the collection of all the money by Friday, September 29th, the students will earn:
1. School-wide Hoagie Holiday on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017
2. Dress Down for Winter Final Exams and Spring Final Exams
3. Individual Hoagie Days for students that sold 60 or more hoagies
4. Seniors who sold 60 or more hoagies will be granted early dismissal or late arrival from school if they have a Study Hall during the first or last hour of the day. 
Also pending collection of the money by September 29th, the top teacher homerooms and top student sellers will receive their prizes, with additional prize drawings held for students who sold over 100 hoagies.

If you have any questions regarding student sales, please contact Ann Tramontin Bruggeman, Director of Student Sales and Distribution, at atramontin@lexingtoncatholic.com