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Over the years, the Outdoor Club has been a highly successful, student driven organization that is centered on outdoor activities. Over the past few years we have been caving in Jackson County, hiking in the Smoky Mountains, rock climbing in Red River Gorge, skiing at Perfect North Slopes, and much more.  As a member of the club you are not obligated to participate in all activities, but why miss out on all the fun? This would be a great way to make new friends in school and having fun while doing it.

We have two different kinds of activities:

  • Sponsored Activities (Organized and led by the Club Sponsor. The Club Sponsor will organize: Transportation, fees will be collected, and forms must be signed by you and your parents.) and
  • Student Activities (Led by students without the Club Sponsor. These will be unofficial events not sponsored by the club).

 There will be 4 planned Sponsored Activities and multiple Student Activities. We will be adding a calendar to the page with all the events. This page will be updated as new events are added.

Club Dues

 To signup and secure your spot for any Sponsored Activity:

·        You must be a paid member of the Club

·        You must pay for the activity ahead of time

·        You must have a signed permission form (click below for the form)

 *** The first students to meet the criteria above will get to go on the trip. Any others may be left out.

Your ideas are needed to plan some of the activities - Get involved

Sponsored = Organized and Sponsored by Club Sponsor

Student Led = Organized by Students. Club Sponsor Not Attending

The Outdoor Club is a great place for all students to get involved. We offer exciting events that challenge all young adults, regardless of their athletic ability or outdoor skills. The club is also a great place for students to become acquainted with outdoor activities. Many of the students and adults are experts in camping, climbing, skiing, and much more. They are all excited to share their knowledge, personal experiences, and equipment with others.  Club members are encouraged to help plan and organize specific events, especially their favorite activities. Due to the inherent nature of outdoor activities, there is an element of danger in many of the things we do.  Safety will be the primary focus. To ensure this, we always have adequate supervision and expertise on hand at all times. We never attempt an activity unless someone there is highly experienced or qualified. We also encourage parents and other adults to not only get involved, but ask if there are any questions or concerns with safety. By making safety first, we not only come home in one piece, we have fun.