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Fine Arts

An Institute for Excellence in the Fine Arts

In addition to an excellent college preparatory rigor, the Lexington Catholic High School Exemplar Scholars Program in the Fine Arts is designed to take our most talented Fine Arts students and expose them to a wide range of creative opportunities. In doing so, the program allows Exemplar Scholars in the Fine Arts to experience collaboration, mentorship, and audience exposure at an unprecedented level.

Given this goal, the Exemplar Scholars Program includes a four-year academically rigorous curriculum that will require its students to earn additional credits above the minimum 25 credits required to graduate.

Additionally, students will be provided opportunities to exercise their talents alongside professionals in various fields within the Fine Arts.

The program includes the following majors: Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Vocal Music and Instrumental Music in Band or Piano.

Exemplar Scholars will be required to present their work in the form of a culminating Senior Project which will vary with each discipline in the Lexington Catholic Fine Arts Department. The Exemplar Scholars Fine Arts Senior Projects include a recital, an exhibition, and a theatrical performance all designed to give students the chance to demonstrate their mastery of skills and talent gained from the Exemplar Scholars Program.

Program Highlights Include:
 Highly Selective Admissions Process
 Increased Academic Rigor
 Leadership Lecture Series
 Mentorships with Fine Arts Professionals
 Opportunities to Showcase Talents to the Public
 Culminating Senior Project