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Math, Science & Technology

An Institute for Excellence in Math, Science, and Technology

In addition to its advanced academic path, the Lexington Catholic High School Exemplar Scholars Program is designed to take our most talented math, science, and technology students and expose them to a wide range of experiential opportunities. In doing so, the intent of the program is to allow our most gifted math and science students to experience research and mentorship opportunities at an unprecedented level.

Given this goal, the Exemplar Scholars Program includes a four-year academically rigorous curriculum that will require its students to earn additional credits above the minimum 25 credits required to graduate.

Additionally, students will be provided opportunities to conduct research as well as job-embedded mentorships within areas of personal and career-related interest.

Upon completion of their mentorships, Exemplar Scholars will be required to present their research in the form of a Senior Research Project designed to demonstrate knowledge and skills gained while in the program.

Importantly, the coursework for the program will not be restricted to Exemplar Scholars exclusively; rather, any student can participate in some of the classes along with the Exemplar students thus enhancing the overall quality of the student body.

All these are accomplished under the guidance and supervision of Ann Bruggeman, Director of Exemplar Scholars.

Program Highlights Include:
 Highly Selective Admissions Process
 Increased Academic Rigor
 Leadership Lecture Series
 Job Embedded Mentorships
 Research Opportunities
 Senior Project