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 High School Placement Test (HSPT)

8th Grade Registration


Dear Prospective Family,


Thank you for your interest in Lexington Catholic High School. The High School Placement Test, HSPT, is a required part of the admittance process for 9th grade consideration for the 2022-2023 school year. We encourage applicants and their families to participate in the virtual Lexington Catholic Entrance Exam Overview Session on Thursday, October 28, at 7pm. This session will review parts of the test and offer test-taking tips and strategies. The Zoom link will be posted on the Lexington Catholic website closer to the date. Below you will find some helpful information about the HSPT. More detailed information can be found on the Lexington Catholic website, www.lexingtoncatholic.com.


What is the HSPT?
The HSPT is a standardized, timed test required of every 8th grader applying to attend Lexington Catholic. It contains five sections that measure verbal ability, quantitative ability, reading comprehension, mathematics, and components of written language. The questions are designed to test students at their curriculum level.


How is the HSPT administered?

The test is administered with paper and pencil and utilizes a test booklet and bubble answer sheet.


*It should be noted that an online version of the HSPT could be used if health and safety conditions warrant due to COVID conditions and considerations.  Any changes will be communicated to families accordingly.


How is this test used in the high school admissions process?
This assessment tool is used by high schools for admissions, scholarship selection, and course placement. Each high school has its own guidelines for evaluating applicants for admission, including performance on the HSPT.


The HSPT score is considered as part of the selection process for those students applying for the Exemplar Scholars Program.


Students who achieve a National Composite Score of 90% or higher, will achieve the Lexington Catholic Circle of Excellence status.  Circle of Excellence recipients will be announced during Accepted Student Parent Knight on Thursday, February 24, 2022.


Are accommodations available for students with a service plan, IEP, or a recent evaluation?
Yes, Scholastic Testing allows for an extended time to students with a documented need. When registering for the HSPT, there will be a yes or no question asking whether a student needs accommodation. If indicated “yes”, please email the documentation to Lea Anne Box at


How much time is needed to take the test?
Approximately 3 hours.


Is there a fee to take the test?
The cost of the HSPT is $41.20 ($40 test fee + $1.20 service fee).


HSPT Test Dates

November 9-St. Leo 8th Graders at St. Leo

November 11-Christ the King 8th Graders at Christ the King

November 12-Good Shepherd 8th Graders at Good Shepherd School

November 13-The Lexington School at The Lexington School

November 16-Seton Catholic 8th Graders at Seton Catholic School

November 22-Sts. Peter and Paul 8th Graders at SPPS

November 23-Mary Queen 8th Graders at MQHR

December 4-All applicants at partner schools not listed above, other private schools, home schools, and public schools-at Lexington Catholic High School


*All those with completed HSPT test registrations will receive an email with test details and information prior to their testing date.


Please contact me, Anna Mullis, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing, amullis@lexingtoncatholic.com, with any questions.


Warm regards,

Anna Mullis