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Career Quest
Career Quest: Purpose and Overview
Lexington Catholic High School has established Career Quest, a program designed to provide interested LCHS students with job shadowing opportunities in Central Kentucky business and professional communities. Job shadowing allows students to get a taste of the culture of the workplace and to experience the responsibilities and benefits of a career. Job shadowing can be used as a strategy to help decide students’ academic major and to gain knowledge by observing and understanding skills necessary in a particular career path.

Using our extensive network of alumni, community leaders, and business men and women, we have created a list of job shadowing opportunities available to LCHS students. Students also have the option to find job shadowing placements on their own, pending approval from the Career Quest Coordinator.

Career Quest: Process
Step 1: Prior to a job shadowing placement, students must complete the Career Planning and Assessments in Naviance. The results of the Career Planning and Assessments in Naviance can assist students in selecting career paths or work environments that best suit their personalities. Naviance organizes and scientifically classifies careers, college majors, career clusters, and career pathways from the person data that they enter.

Step 2: After students review the results of their Naviance Career Assessments, they will search potential jobs and careers in their identified career pathway and write a response to the attached questions based on what they find. From there, students will be in communication with the Career Quest Coordinator about placement worksites and interests. Career Quest encourages students to embark on a placement based on their results from their Naviance Assessment results, but it is not required.

Step 3: Students are given the contact of a possible job shadowing mentor or receive approval from the Career Quest Coordinator if the students choose to find a placement on their own. It is the responsibility of the students to coordinate the job shadowing activity date and time with the mentor. Students will contact the possible mentors via a phone call or email to coordinate. Texts are not permitted unless specifically indicated by the mentor.

Step 4: Permissible Absence. Students must have teachers sign the enclosed permissible absence form allowing an excused absence from school on the date of the job shadow. All job shadowing should be scheduled on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday unless special permission has been granted from the Career Quest Coordinator.

Step 5: Job Shadow. Student must dress in LCHS uniform, be on time, and be respectful of the environment and persons at the work place. An on-site interview activity is included in this packet which is not required to be completed- but strongly suggested.
Step 6: On the school day following job shadowing, the students must turn in a reflection activity, hand-written thank you note and verification sheet to the Career Quest Coordinator/their religion teacher for an extra credit grade.
Please see Mrs. Scanlon in the Spiritual Life Office with any questions or concerns. You may email her at