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Campus Life » New Student FAQ's

New Student FAQ's

1. What time do students come on Start-Up Day? How long does it last? Do parents typically come?
a. Students will be sent a letter and/or email that tells them their time slot.
b. It lasts less than an hour.
c. Yes, bring your parents. You will want them to place money on your cafeteria account, purchase a yearbook, pay club dues, etc.
2. Will new students have a chance to figure out where their classes are before the first day of school? (Trial run?)
a. Yes, they will start school a day early. During this day, they will run through their schedule, meet their teachers, and learn procedural ins and outs of LCHS.
3. Can students stay at High Marks every day after school and do their homework?
a. Yes, High Marks is open until 5:00 p.m. every afternoon except Friday. A great place to get your homework started!
4. What happens if you are tardy?
a. If you are tardy for homeroom, you will report to the front office and a tardy slip will be given, which will allow you to go to homeroom.
b. If you are tardy to class, go to class and the teacher will admit you as tardy.
5. On the average, how much homework is there each night?
a. You can expect 20-30 minutes per class. If you use your time wisely, you can often get a good start during class or during Flex.
6. How often are tests and quizzes given?
a. This depends on the class. Teachers will give chapter ending assessments and sometimes mid chapter, if they are longer chapters. Quizzes and minor assessments are given throughout.
7. What are RenWeb and Moodle?
a. RenWeb is a data base that you will use to review homework assignments and check your grades. RenWeb offers a real time grade book – allowing you to check for missing assignments and grades entered (P = pending grading, M = missing, E = excused). You will also be able to view your report card, enter your service hours, check your cafeteria balance and the menu, etc.
i. Students, please check that YOUR email is entered as the “student email” in RenWeb. Teachers, coaches and other staff use RenWeb as a means of communication. Your parent’s email should be entered as the “parent email”. The student email is also needed for Naviance and other assignment focused material.
b. Moodle is an electronic classroom. Teachers will provide assignments on Moodle, electronically, and you will submit the assignment through Moodle, electronically.
8. Do teachers post homework assignments online daily?
a. Yes, you should be able to see a list of your homework assignments on Renweb. You will also find many of the assignments on Moodle. (If you are absent, you will want to check both RenWeb and Moodle.)
9. How does lunch work? And is there a salad bar?
a. On your schedule, you will have a period marked for lunch. Seniors and juniors, and sophomore and freshmen students share a 50 minute block, and of time. Seniors and sophomores will eat first, lining up to go directly to the cafeteria. Juniors and freshmen will have Flex during this time. Half way through this block of time, students will switch and juniors and freshmen will go to lunch as seniors and sophomores proceed to Flex. You need to have your Student ID’s with you at lunch (and the entire day).
i. During Flex, students may choose to sit in the gym and talk with their friends, go to High Marks to study (subject area teachers will be in High Marks during Flex to answer questions and assist with homework and studying), go to the “silent” homework room, work in the “quiet” homework room, visit the School Counseling Office, or visit Spiritual Life.
b. No, there is not a salad bar, but a nice array of salads are offered. Pizza will always be on hand, along with a delicious homemade entrée, sides, sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, ice-cream treats, snacks, etc. Students are offered many wonderful choices.
10. What is the phone policy?
a. Students are asked to keep your cell phones in your lockers. You may check your phones between classes, if necessary. New this year, we are going to have a trial on allowing cell phones at Flex.
11. How much time do we have in between classes?
a. You have 5 minutes in between classes. This may seem short, but once you have your schedule down – it will be plenty of time.
12. Does is matter if we get lost and are late to class on the first day?
a. No, the teachers are very understanding the first days of school – especially with the freshmen.
13. How long are we in homeroom?
a. 20 minutes.
14. When do we get our schedule?
a. On Start-Up Day, your schedule will be given to you upon check-in. There will also be one waiting for you in your locker. (If they are different, please refer to the one given to you at check-in – it is the most up-to-date copy.)
i. In a few weeks you will be sent a time to arrive on Start-Up Day. When you check in you will be given a packet that will include your locker number. In your locker, you will find your schedule and your text books.
ii. Students wear their uniforms this day. You will be directed to have your picture taken. This picture will be on your Student ID card.
iii. Parents come with you on this day – to pay fees, purchase yearbooks, place money on cafeteria accounts, etc. You will also be able to sign up for a few clubs – such a Service Club.
15. Where do we go on the first day?
a. The first day of school, you will report to your Homeroom by 7:55 a.m.
i. Each morning the cafeteria doors are unlocked 7:00-7:30. Students may sit in the cafeteria – study, eat breakfast, or socialize until 7:30. At 7:30, the doors are locked, students are released and may go to their lockers and homerooms.
ii. The main entrance and the back door by High Marks are unlocked 7:30-7:55. (After 7:55, the only entrance is the main entrance.)
iii. A warning bell will sound at 7:50 – reminding you to head to homeroom.
16. Do we need to have stuff downloaded on our computer before the first day?
a. No. You will be given instructions on this the first day of school.
17. Are we allowed to bring our own planner?
a. Yes, you may bring your own planner. You will be given a Lexington Catholic agenda that you will be asked to have with you at all times. The agenda is a great place to write down your assignments. It also contains your Hall Pass.

18. What happens when we get a lot of tardies?
a. Three tardies to school will result in a detention.
b. Multiple tardies to class may result in a violation or detention.
19. What sweatshirts/outerwear are you allowed to wear in the building?
a. You may wear any Lexington Catholic outerwear – no hoodies.
20. What socks are you allowed to wear?
a. You may wear any socks that you like.
21. Where do we get dropped off in the mornings?
a. Students are dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the school - or on Stratford Dr., Sheridan Dr., or Hollyhill Dr.
i. You do not want your parents to pull into the parking lot to drop you off. Student drivers are trying to pull into their parking spots. Cars pulling in to drop off students can cause too much congestion – presenting a potentially dangerous situation.
22. What school supplies do I need?
a. On the first day, you will want to bring your device, pens, pencils, and something to write on. Teachers will tell you what additional supplies you may need for their particular class.
i. Many students choose to have two 2-3 inch binders. One binder for their morning classes and one for their afternoon classes. They place loose leaf paper and folders for each class in the binders.
23. I’m working on the freshmen summer reading assignment. Do I write two papers - one on each book?
a. No, you are only asked to write one paper. The paper is due the first day of school. 
24. What if there is a blank spot on my schedule or I need to change something?
a. The School Counseling Office will be open on Start-Up Day. You can visit School Counseling Office and they will help correct your schedules.
25. Is the schedule that I receive on Start-Up Day set in stone?
a. No, changes are made the first couple of weeks of school. Some changes are student initiated and some are teacher directed or administration may change schedules to even out classes sizes.
b. If you are unsure about your schedule, please talk with your teacher and/or visit the School Counseling Office.
26. Where do I purchase a PE uniform?
a. Knights Kastle - the school store.