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Guidance Plan

New Academic & Career Services Center

Space limitations have forced student support services to be located in various, makeshift locations around campus. Guidance, College Planning, Exemplar Scholars, a school Psychologist and Equity/Inclusion need a central location to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

• A destination with centralized services to foster student well-being and success

• A resource facility to provide quality college planning

• A center that provides appropriate, private space for academic and emotional counseling and support

• A place that fosters diversity and inclusion where all feel welcome and embraced
• A renovated corridor that is renamed to capture the essence of its focus, Academic & Career Services Center

• A re-imagined, institutional approach to consolidate traditional academic services, college planning, and career mentoring/internships, as well as social and emotional support services

• Developing an area that affords students privacy, confidentiality and a sense of encouragement and confidence