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"Victory comes from being strong in faith and ready to serve."
St. Boniface
Apostle of Germany, but born in England - date of birth unknown; martryed 5 June, 755; In Germany while preaching to the pagens, Boniface felled the oak tree sacred to the thunder-god Thor. He had a chapel built out of the wood and dedicated it to the prince of the Apostles. The heathens were astonished that no thunderbolt from the hand of Thor destroyed the offender, and many were converted to Christianity.
The Crest
Colors: Navy and Gold
Symbols: Oak Tree Trunk and Axe handles represents the oak tree dedicated to the god Thor that Boniface chopped down as a sign to convert the pagens to Christianity
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Boniface House Faculty Members
Dean: Theresa Brown
Missy Cole
David Smith
Jacob Karnes
Christy Nash
Kevin Bruggeman
Allison Weitkamp
Steve Lebrun
The Lasting Legacy Award is the equivalent to a "Hall of Fame" in design and importance. Students must wait 10 months after graduation before their names can appear on a ballot, and the teachers and sophomore, junior, and current senior students who knew these graduates are allowed to vote.

Here is the description on the ballot for this year:
Please vote (by circling the names) for the two Boniface House graduates from the class of 2016 who you believe have left the biggest, positive impression on our house. A year has passed since they were with us in these classrooms and hallways; who still stands out in your mind has having had a good impact on Boniface House?
The winners will have a framed picture added to our “Hall of Fame” wall.
Past Winners

Class of 2016 - Kate Samuel, Amelia Spanier, and Stevan Kriss

Class of 2015 - Hunter Smith and Peter Henderson

Class of 2014 - Mariah Stevens and Marty Brown

Class of 2013 - Anthony Kersey, Maddie Corbett, Sarah Hutchinson, and Marc Nicoletta

Class of 2012 - Emily Blake and Kurt Wilhelmus