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Air + Space Academy

Lexington Catholic’s Air + Space Program officially began in the fall of 2016 in response to the growing need to fill positions in the aviation job market. Air + Space is a four-year program that works with Morehead State University and Eastern Kentucky University with dual credit opportunities in aviation and space science. Beginning as freshman, students take an introductory course, foundations of aerospace. Sophomores continue their ground school training in fundamentals of Aerospace. Once students begin their junior year, they take dual credit courses with either Eastern Kentucky University or Morehead state, providing they meet the academic admission requirements. The program is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of both aviation and space science. Students are introduced to career paths in basic mechanical principles, piloting, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, space systems engineering, and astronomy.

Goals of the program:
-Place students into aerospace careers and help them achieve their goals.
-Support roles in the aviation community.
-Help students get drone license.
-Allow students to get ham radio certified.
-Teach students to MIG weld, as taught by a local professional.