2014 Summer Reading


All Incoming FRESHMANSurvey of Literature, Honors Survey of Literature, Exemplar Scholar Fine Arts Survey of Literature, Exemplar Scholar Fine Arts Honors Survey of Literature.

SophomoreWorld Literature

Sophomore Honors World Literature

SophomoreExemplar Scholar Fine Arts World Literature and Exemplar Scholar Fine Arts Honors World Literature

JuniorBritish Literature

JuniorHonors British Literature

JuniorExemplar Scholar Fine Arts British Literature and Exemplar Scholar Fine Arts Honors British Literature

SeniorWorld Literature

Senior Honors World Literature

AP English Language & Composition (junior or senior)Click here for the summer research assignment.

AP English Literature & Composition (senior)- “How to Mark a Book” (6 page essay) by Mortimer Adler (click here to access essay) AND Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison AND Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte AND Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  Click here to view assignment sheet  



Honors French IIILes Deux Gredins (book can be ordered by Mrs. Iranpour). Click here for the assignments. Students will receive an activities packet from Mrs. Iranpour at their final exam.  The packet will be due the first day of class.

Honors & AP French IVHonors and AP French 4 will read Bringing up Bebe and a book called Princesse Parfaite Zoe n'obeit pas. Click here for assignment.  They will have analytical work to do with both of these - reading the book and citing how each chapter fits into the AP categories.  Click here for assignment.

AP Spanish Language and CultureStudents enrolled in the AP Spanish Language and Culture class will have a series of readings and comprehension questions to complete during the summer.  These readings will be accompanied by an extensive list of new vocabulary in Spanish which students will translate into English.  They will also be expected to complete a grammar packet that will serve as a review of verb tenses.


AP Psychology - Read Man's Search for Meaning by V. Frankl.  Click here for the summer assignment details

AP US HistoryClick here for the summer assignment details.

AP American Government - Click here for the summer assignment details.

AP World History
Click here for the summer assignment details.



AP Environmental Science – Buy and read the first five chapters of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.  You must have the book as it will be used for discussion during the year.  Buy, read, and answer the questions supplied for Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  Click here for the assignments associated with this book.

Come to the first day of class with two assignments completed:

1.      The Omnivore’s Dilemma questions finished (on a separate piece of paper).

2.      A three to five page paper, in MLA style, comparing and contrasting Rachel Carson and Michael Pollan.  In the comparison, discuss their respective roles in the environmental movement and their perceived and real impact on society.  Include in the paper a short (paragraph) biography of each person.  At least one passage from each book must be correctly cited in the paper.



AP ArtClick here for the summer assignment details.

Honors Art - Click here for the summer assignment details.



Freshman Year – read the Gospel of Mark

Sophomore Year – read the Gospel of Matthew

Junior Year – read the Gospel of Luke

Senior Year – read the Gospel of John

Please note - A specific translation is not required, but, we would prefer students to use either the New American Bible or the New American Bible Revised Edition the latter can be found at http://usccb.org/bible/books-of-the-bible/index.cfm

Ecumenical & Interreligious Issues – there is a required book for this class, although it is not summer reading.  It is to be purchased by the students.  It is “Meeting Other Believers: The Risks and Rewards of Interreligious Dialogue” by Cardinal Francis Arinze (ISBN: 0-87973-949-5, approximately $7 new).